Angels and Archangels in Reiki Practice: A practical guide


Angels and Archangels in Reiki Practice: A practical guide

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Haripriya’s connection with the angels began a decade back, when they helped her cope with the passing on of her grandmother and helped remove a lot of fear and dark energy. Thereafter, she has communicated with the angels at crucial moments in life and expressed her deepest feelings to them. Not only did they listen, but they also responded with unconditional love by sending help in the form of people or altered circumstances. This book is written from such a place of unconditional love. The kindness and wisdom that are present in each story are empowering the readers to grow spiritually, to rediscover their inner strength and the connection to the divine angels. The gift of Reiki, the universal life force energy which helps us heal ourselves and others and connect to our true divine nature, has strengthened the connection and made the communication easier, clearer, and more powerful. The stories and techniques shown here are part of a long term collaboration with the Reiki portal Reiki Rays, and can be found in the archives of their website. The book is a compilation of the Haripriya’s most appreciated articles, arranged in a way that flows naturally and makes for an easy and inspiring lecture. To fully understand and to be able to apply the techniques described in this book, the reader should already be introduced to the healing magic of Reiki.

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