Energy Healing Made Simple Om Kitty’s 8 Day Chakra Activation Journey: Bonus! Learn To Banish Your...

Energy Healing Made Simple Om Kitty’s 8 Day Chakra Activation Journey: Bonus! Learn To Banish Your...

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5 out of 5 stars ~ “I loved this book from start to finish.” ~Melanie Dilday, Author, Buddha in a Red Dress 5 out of 5 stars ~ “Who doesn’t need an OM Kitty? I love Om Kitty.” Erin Pearson, Author, Singer/Song Writer “What’s That You Say? Energy Healing May Cause Miracles? I don’t Believe It!” Wait! It’s true. But wanting to leap into bliss and follow your instinct is often thwarted because so many of us care far too much about the opinions of others. That includes times when we feel an urge to experience and learn deep spiritual practices. Often we’re just too afraid people might think we are ‘bonkers. And let’s face it; the majority of people simply don’t understand the science behind the Spiritual Practice of Energy Healing. And it’s all made so easy thanks to OM Kitty. This wise and witty, sassy and irreverent sage and mystic has you, your desires, and even your fears, fully covered, sharing ancient wisdom and deep spiritual techniques that can be learned in a fast and simple way. In fact, OM Kitty teaches this healing journey in as little as 10 minutes a day for 8 short days. This Winner of 4 Amazon Best Seller Banners is Book One in the OM Kitty Series for Spiritual Awakening With a Twist. More 5 Star reviews ~ • “Thank You Om Kitty! … I plan on sharing Om Kitty with many of my clients (and friends as well) who are intrigued by energy healing and spirituality but may be inhibited by being too “woo-woo” or judged by others.” ~ Julie E. Cline, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master & Guide. • “I have read a lot of books, … and I find OM Kitty to be the easiest, most accessible, most delightful energy healing guide… [She] speaks with such delight, earnestness, simplicity, compassion, conciseness and clarity, I couldn’t put it down and will be recommending this highly to friends…” ~ Lauren Oujiri, M.A. Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Reiki Master • “…I love the witty way OM Kitty speaks her truth. Kudos to Sarah Saint -Laurent and OM Kitty for coming into my life during major upheavals, health issues, and severe anxiety… Thank you for reminding me that my healing and life matters.” ~ RoseAnn Acosta In this book you will learn how to: • Use this simple energy healing process, the easiest method for baby-stepping into your happiest life. • Fine-tune your ‘frequency’ and raise your energy vibration ushering in a deeper level of peace, serenity and joy. • Follow your heart and rest assured that the ‘tugging’ you feel that “there must be more” is not a figment of an irrational, renegade mind but instead a golden thread pulling you homeward. • Best of all, learn why you must stop worrying what others may think and how to do it. In less than 10 minutes a day you will learn to release and heal your energy and strengthen your internal guidance system. As a bonus, you will walk away with the clear understanding that no one else’s opinion actually matters! Woot! Welcome to the World of OM Kitty and Spiritual Awakening With a Twist and The OM Kitty Book Series. *Bonus inside – Be sure to grab the Free OM Kitty’s Awesome Kit-and-Caboodles Bonus Gift Package.