Mystery of Light


Mystery of Light

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Mystery of Lightis a masterpiece. In this composition Deuter transcends all boundaries of time and space, and lets the music freely unfold and fully manifest. This awareness is tangible in these enchanting sounds that transport you through different eras from Baroque toRenaissance into a space ofcomplete emptiness and light. This album went through some name changes, but the title came to me while driving on an empty road in New Mexico under the big clear sky we enjoy here. New Mexico skies are expansive and are filled with wonderful, brilliant light, similar to the light painters flock to in the south of France.In this moment I became suddenly aware of something we take for granted and therefore are mostly unaware of: Light. In this huge universe of darkness there is light, how wonderful, how mysterious. In this moment the light was standing for something else, it was a metaphor for something greater, more vast, something nameless. Light is a representation of the miracle of our existence. ~C. G. Deuter. Instruments: flutes, recorder, guitar, violin, cello, viola da gamba, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, santur, and drums.

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