Sun Spirit

Sun Spirit

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Internationally acclaimed musician and composer Deuter has become known as a pioneer, combining contemporary and traditional musical forms. He has created music that is at once meditative and inspiring. This long-awaited album,Sun Spirit, celebrates the essence of the sun with captivating melodies brought to life with spirited flute, synthesizer and drum. Another extraordinary and long-awaited classic from Deuter. Reaching into the inner dimensions of the symbolism of the sun, Deuter masterfully creates music that manifests the solar power of positive diurnal consciousness. Listen to Sun Spirit and be illuminated. ~Manuela Dunn Mascetti, author of The Illustrated Rumi: Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul
The 1970s were fruitful times for single-name instrumental artists. Expressing a Magellan-like inquisitiveness in their mostly electronic works, composers such as Vangelis, Kitaro, and Eloy attracted followings by leading torch-lit expeditions into fresh-sounding audio terrain while searching for more sublime emotional experiences. Deuter emerged during that period, though his subsequent involvement with Eastern philosophies reshaped his approach, leading him to construct works on a more internal, less cinematic scale. That style remains in place here in Deuter’s first recording for the new millennium, and the result is a gentle charmer that may not dazzle you at first but will over time reveal simple pleasures and subtle satisfactions that make it worthwhile listening. Flutes and piano, plus occasional synths, strings and harp, are the dominant sounds at work here, and Deuter combines them in ways that capture a world as peaceful and sun-warmed as the golden detail from Van Gogh’s Olive Trees used as the cover image for Sun Spirit. Overall, the music is probably too dainty for some tastes, but minor gems such as the softly pulsing “Sunlight Dancing” and the delightful title track (which recalls the David Lanz/Paul Speer hit “Behind the Waterfall”) should appeal to anyone. Uplifting, yet not excessively cheerful. –Terry Wood

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